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Welcome to this receipt maker tool. Looking to create a nice and professional receipt? We've got you covered. You can easaly fill our template with all information in our guide. Each field has information to guide you. We'll also cover best practises to help you make a good impression. You can create a Receipt of Payment, Bill, Customer Receipt, Payment Receipt, Cash Receipt or even an Estimate or Customer Invoice.

Sender receipt

Sender receipt:

In this box (Sender Receipt) you enter your own address details. So if you send a receipt, enter your own details here. If you're a company you can add your business name and business number. It's smart to be as complete as you can. So if available you can enter address details, phone number and an e-mail address.

Receiver receipt

Receiver receipt:

At Receiver receipt you enter the address details of the company or individual that receives the receipt. So if you send this receipt to company X, then the receiver is company X. The company receives the receipt from you, so at 'receipt from' you enter your (company)name and address details. You can compare this with an company invoice: on one side you state the customer's (company) details and on the other side your (company) details. Because you do not always have two companies, you can add the details you have. It is smart to be as complete as you can. So when you know a Chamber of Commerce number, you can also write it down.

General Information

General Information:

At 'Receipt Number' you enter a unique, continuous and subsequent receipt number. So you can start with the year (in which the receipt is made) and enter after the year a number, the first number is 2019-001 and the next receipt gets the number 2019-002. In 2020 you start again at number 001 (so the first receipt has number 2020-001). At 'Receipt Date' you enter the date on which this receipt is made. At 'Period / Delivery Date' you enter the period or date in which the delivery of the products or the service was performed. This field is not displayed of you do not enter anything.


#Product/ServiceDescriptionQuantityPrice Price per unitDiscount Total (Quantity x Price) - Discount
Add lineDelete line



A badge appears on the receipt with for example, PAID, PARTIALLY PAID, CASH PAID, DRAFT, FINAL


Here you can enter all kinds of comments that relate to this receipt. You can also state a return policy, when you want. E.g. Payment by Paypal at  


A line appears so the signature can be placed after printing.

The receipt is given its own style with several elements (headers and lines) in a different color.

You can choose whether thousands or decimals have a point or comma seperator.

If your receipt has multiple pages, you can choose to put page numbers on your receipt.

Show Taxes on receipt:

If you'd like your receipt to include taxes, use the 'Show Taxes on receipt'. Insert the percentage you want to use, for example when you want to use 15% of tax, just enter 15. The taxes will standard be calculated on top of the total price. When you choose 'Inclusive' the prices you entered are including tax and we calculate the amount of tax that is included (the grand total amount won't change). You can also relabel the tax name to e.g. Sales Tax.

Amount due:

A receipt is usually sent after payment. Sometimes the buyer pays partially, then you can still make an receipt for the paid part and show the amount that still must be paid. You can also indicate that what kind of payment it is by using a Badge.

Other Language:

You can send the receipt in several languages like English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish and Dutch. Please note that the information you enter is also in the right language. To create receipts in other languages, please let us know.

Other Currency:

You can choose which currency you want to use. Currencies provided are Dollar, Euro, Pound etc. Please let us know when you want to use another currency.

How to create the perfect receipt?

Go digital

If you're still creating receipts manually, consider ditching the carbon copy notepads and try online receipt software. Most people prefer electronic receipts. They're automatically in a good format that looks professional and easy to read.

Send your receipt right when the job is done

Send your receipts out as quickly as possible. So that the products and services are fresh in your customers mind. Everyone is happy to see a receipt straight after the payment or delivery of the goods.

Itimize your items provided, do not generalize

Your customer has a right to know exactly where their money is going, and your receipt should communicate all those details of the job. Although it is super logical for you. Keep in mind that your customer is on another level. Be specific rather than general with line items. Instead of listing “materials” as a single expense, itemize each one on its own line, such as: nails, wood, paint, etc. It’s also a good idea to attach receipts or invoices to back your claims. Don’t risk having your client wondering what you mean.

The How To Receipt Guide

As a private individual or company, in some cases you might want to prepare an receipt for hours worked or for example a product. As a private individual, no invoice may be made. So you make a receipt of receipt of payment. A receipt is very useful and when you are dealing with a company as a private person, the company will ask for it. Also for 'services' that you do as a private individual to another private individual, it is recommended to use a receipt as proof of payment and more in general a proof of the agreement that has been made. Just like an invoice, a receipt must comply with a number of rules. Below you will find frequently asked questions regarding receipts.

What is a receipt?

An receipt, sometimes called a sales invoice or bill, is a document issued by a business or private individual to indicate a (completed) transaction, and to request or confirm a payment for a product or service provided.

Receipts are an important part of any administration, this is as important for business as for privately transactions. They help you have proof of payment, keep track of your accounts, and when done right, help build long-term, trusting relationships with clients.

This receipt template guide will discuss everything you need to know about receipts, and why it’s important to get it right.

How to write a receipt of payment?

We have written down step by step how to make a proper receipt that meets the rules for receipts from the tax authorities. For this we recommend to use our receipt generator because it contains all the parts needed to make a good receipt.
  1. Add your own data (name, address) in Receipt from section
  2. Enter the recipient's detalis (name, address) in the Receipt to section
  3. Add products or services with a description, rate and quantity
  4. Add any discounts
  5. Add comments about the payment about conditions in the Notice section
  6. Select your own color, language or corrency and choose whether you want page numbers, signatures or different number format.
  7. Click Sample receipt to get the receipt on your screen and click Download receipt to save the receipt on your desktop. You can store receipt on your computer. You get a printable receipt pdf and do not longer need a receipt template doc or receipt template pdf. This official receipt template or better official receipt maker gives you all you need. You can even create receipt in other languages or currencies!

How do you send a receipt?

You can send a receipt by downloading a PDF version (printable receipt pdf) and printing it (and signing it) or sending it by e-mail. When you send a receipt by e-mail you can add it as an attachment.

What is required to put on a receipt?

There are a number of elements that must be on a receipt. When you make a receipt with the receipt maker you must ensure that this information is on the receipt:
  • Clear description of the goods or services
  • The amount of goods or services
  • The amount for which the goods or services are delivered
  • To whom the receipt is addressed and who the sender is
  • The date of delivery of the goods or services
  • The name of the sender and when possible a signature of the sender

Alternative ways to make a receipt

It is an option to make a receipt in MS Excel or MS Word. When you are entering all the data, it is questionable whether it complies with the rules and you are often busy with many recurring tasks that cost you a lot of time. gives you a receipt maker with a simple receipt form with all information to make a good and valid receipt. We are happy to help you by making sending a receipt as easy as possible, so that you can do more fun things as an administrative tasks.

FAQ Receipt of Payment (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a receipt?

When you start looking for what a receipt is, you come across different definitions. A recept meaning that you have a proof. Generally, a receipt means that it is proof that you have paid for a product or service. A receipt synonym is a certificate or quittance, so it is a document that is a proof of a transaction. The receipt meaning in accounting is a proof that you sold or bought something. As a general rule, a company sends an invoice and a private individual sends a receipt. A receipt of payment is a proof that the payment is received and a proof for in your own administration. The tax authorities want you to keep track of what the income was and like to see some proof such as a receipt. Keep in mind that you can deduct the costs that you incurred while performing the work from the income. See for more information the website of the tax authorities. For US: and

Can I make a sample receipt? Is this a receipts template?

Standard you can use a free receipt maker sample. You can easily create a sample receipt to see if the receipt looks the way you expect. This tool is a receipts template and generator in one tool. Even better than a template because it is a lot of work to fully fill a template and have a professional lay out. So it is a complete receipt. A watermark will be visible as long as you have not paid a one-off fee of $ 9 for making receipts. After you have paid $ 9, you can make as many receipts as you want without the watermark and ads for 3 months.

Do the recipients see '' on the receipts?

No. Only in the sample receipt is a watermark from us. If you pay $ 9, this will disappear and the receipts will be available in your own style and format without it being visible that the receipt was made on ''.

For which types of receipts can I use is made in such a way that you can make a good receipt for all types of receipts. A receipt or as it is also called: private sale invoice is the proof that the sale has been made. Whether you sell your computer to a company as a private person or you buy a car at Ebay, you can easily make a receipt for it that complies with the rules of the tax authorities. Receipts that have already been made on are: - receipt sponsorship (you want to be sponsored and draw up a receipt for those who sponsor you)
- receipt ebay (you buy a product, for example a car, on and for this purchase you use a receipt as proof of payment and transfer)
- receipt freelancer (as a freelancer you carry out some assignments for a company and you send a receipt for this)
- receipt car sale (you buy a car from someone and you want proof of payment and transfer. This is way you create a receipt car sale.)
- artist receipt (as an artist you send a receipt for your services)
- rent receipt (for renting out your room, apartment, house or shed you can also easily prepare a receipt by using

As you can see there are many benefits of and you can try it for free. Just like many others, choose for easy and beautiful receipts with

Can I make a PDF receipt?

Absolutely. The two buttons below generate a pdf document. The difference is that one button saves the PDF directly on the computer and the other button first shows an example in the your internet browser.

Can you use this receipt maker for proof of purchase for motor vehicle?

Absolutely. A receipt for the purchase of a motor vehicle or car must have more details and is also referred to as a bill of sale. These usually include things the make, model, year, and VIN number for the car. A bill of sale for a vehicle may also detail certain stipulations for the car sale, such as whether is there is a warranty or not.

As an hour writer, can I also bill my time on a receipt?

Yes. What works well is to fill in the number of hours in the 'Quantity' field with an hourly rate at the 'Price'. Time can also be charged like this.

Is it also possible to charge rent as a private individual?

That is possible. A month can also be entered at Period / Delivery date. When adding a line it can be described that it concerns Rent for 1 month (quantity is 1 and price is monthly rate).

How does handle VAT?

You make a receipt as a private individual. You then charge none or 0% VAT. You can choose to display this on the receipt or not.

Can I also use a receipt as a proof?

Yes, because a receipt is a confirmation of the fact that a certain amount of money or of goods or services have been transferred. When you run a business, or when you sell something, it is wise to have a receipt available for your own records and for that of your client. The PDF serves as an proof between you and the seller or buyer, and helps you keep track of your expenses.

Can I change the language and currency?

Yes, you can change the default currency (Dollars -> $) to Euro, Bitcoin, Yen, Ruble, Pounds etc. You can also choose to use no currency. The language also can be changed (default is English), so you can easaly create a receipt in Italian, Spanish, German, French or Dutch. Please let us know when you want to use other languages.

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Recently I bought a car from a private person through Ebay. I used to buy the car as proof that I have paid for the car and that the car is now mine. It is an extra security.


Very simple: it does what it has to do. I was very happy that there was such a thing as this when I had to make a rent receipt for renting out a house for several months.


Thanks for the clear explanation. In addition to my full-time job, I did some work for a friend's company. I found out that I had to prepare a receipt for this. I have prepared this and sent it to them. They paid me and I can put this receipt in my records as proof that my tax return is correct.

Pieter Jan

As a company, we sponsor various people who raise money for a good cause. With the receipt sponsorship creation we prepare a receipt for this so that this money in our records can be traced back to the sponsorship.


I always used to make my receipts in Word, but that was a hassle. I often did not get the table with everything that I had done nicely on one line. I now use and for little money I am rid of all that crafting in Word. Makes life easier!